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About T-Studio

T-Studio is a private tattoo studio founded in 2022 by the Extraordinary Tattoo Artist born in Poland now based in Aberdeen for nearly 2 decades who now calls Aberdeen, Scotland, home. With over 13 years of experience and a Fine Arts degree from RGU (2013), Tomasz brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to every tattoo. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, their mastery spans a range of styles. Combining technical skill with a personal touch, Tomasz creates tattoos that reflect individuality and leave a lasting impression. Book an appointment today and discover the artistry of Tomasz Wrobel in Aberdeen, Scotland.


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T-Studio is a fully licensed private tattoo studio. Years of experience in tattooing in various styles guarantees the best possible advice and custom designs to meet clients' requirements.


T-Studio operates by appointment only, to book a session please email or use the tattoo request form.


Tomasz Wrobel is a talented artist hailing from Aberdeen, known for his captivating and thought-provoking creations. With a unique blend of modern techniques and traditional influences, Wrobel's art captures the essence of emotion and the human experience. His works have garnered widespread acclaim, drawing viewers into a world of vivid colors and striking imagery. With a growing presence in the art world, Tomasz Wrobel continues to inspire and leave a lasting impression on all who encounter his remarkable creations.



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